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Investment Planning

Understanding your dreams and aspirations is first and foremost when it comes to designing an appropriate investment portfolio. From novice to experienced investor, the key factors that determine the structure of their portfolio are much the same. We ask ourselves how the investments can be structured to achieve the desired goal, while being managed at a risk level that is comfortable to you. The process of defining these parameters includes gaining an understanding of your investment knowledge and experience level, as well as proposing which options are appropriate for a given situation. At Park Capital Management, we operate as a Fiduciary on your behalf, considering ourselves a partner to help you achieve you goals.

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Considering Retirement in Madison, WI
Considering Retirement

As we grow older, one cannot help but think about retirement and what that may mean. What will your income needs look like? Will your existing assets allow you to retire and live the lifestyle to which you are already accustomed? Comprehensive Financial Planning provides the support to work towards your retirement goals & objectives, and is designed to give you peace of mind knowing that you are on the right track. Seeking advice from a CFP® Certified Financial Planner will alleviate any concerns you may have as you ask yourself “Is retirement right for me?”.

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Inheriting Money in Madison, WI
Inheriting Money

Studies have shown that when people receive inheritances, they only save half of the funds due to lavish spending. We recognize that inheriting money can be a major life change for many, and suggest speaking with a CFP® Certified Financial Planner to help guide you. The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ will work with directly with you to provide recommendations on how advantageously invest your new funds according to your wants, needs, and goals. Let’s begin creating a plan with you that can help your money work harder and last longer!

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Transitioning Employment

A transition in employment can be an exciting time! Whether moving up the ladder or joining a new company, it is wise to seek out help in regards to that “old 401(k)”. There are more options available to you than you may think! Before making a decision, it is recommended that you sit down with one of our CFP® Certified Financial Planners to discuss all of your options. You can rest assured that your financial planner will provide you with the highest level of detail regarding each option available to you, as it is their Fiduciary Duty to act in your best interest.

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Wealth Management - Corporate Retirement Plans
Benchmarking your Company Sponsored Retirement Plan

As a Business Owner, you are at the forefront of a continuously changing environment, while expected to maintain a structured and stable environment for your employees. At Park Capital Management, the Business Consulting Team provides many services which are designed to address a number of issues that may be on your mind. By providing 3(21) and 3(38) Investment Advisory services, the Business Consulting team will work with you as a Co-Fiduciary, responsible for monitoring investments, assisting with Plan Design, and provide Fee Benchmarking. These services are intended to empower plan sponsors to meet their fiduciary obligations and position participants for financial wellness. Our services don’t end when your fiduciary obligations are satisfied, as we will continue to provide support throughout regulation changes, corporate structure changes, and employment changes. Let us help you provide your employees with the highly customized participant content they deserve!

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3. Enhancing Your Employee Benefits
Enhancing Your Employee Benefits

Your employees are the heart and soul of what makes your company thrive. There are many options available to you for rewarding these employee’s, and often times these options come hand in hand with potentially detrimental side effects, if put in place incorrectly. Park Capital Management’s Business Consulting team has the expertise needed to guide you, as the Business Owner, in the right direction, while being weary of any adverse implications. The Business Consulting Team will research and provide the most suitable option to reward your employees.

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