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The Business Consulting Team at Park Capital Management prides themselves in providing the highest quality of fiduciary investment advice to every business. Our prudent process and due diligence combined with our expertise provides our clients with peace of mind that their fiduciary obligations are being met.

As many businesses evolve, searching for ways to provide employees with enhanced retirement benefits or financial wellness programs is becomes increasingly important. We believe a solid financial wellness program is an integral part of an employee benefit and custom tailor our programs to the needs of our clients.

There is considerable confusion in the marketplace regarding the fiduciary liability that accompanies retirement plan sponsors and trustees, and how the fiduciary liability can be mitigated. At Park Capital Management, our goal is to be a source of knowledge and support, whether it be in the capacity of a 3(21) Investment Advisor or in the capacity of a 3(38) Investment Advisor. As part of our fiduciary support, we offer personalized employee education through in-person/virtual group and one-on-one consultation.

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Business Succession Planning
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For many business owners, the day to day operations of their business is at the forefront of their thought process, and it can often seem as though retirement is a distant speck on the horizon. Although there may be years, or even decades before that time comes, it is beneficial for businesses to prepare a solid business succession plan for the comfort of all owners. The Business Consulting Team at Park Capital Management has specialized knowledge in many types of business-specific Life Insurance policies and their unique characteristics, which can be used to fund a wide variety of business succession plans.

Often times, there may be situations where an employer may want to reward a loyal employee for their service with an additional incentive to keep the employee on their team. The implementation of a Deferred Compensation Plan is ideal in these situations, but these plans can become complicated quickly without the proper guidance. Your Business Consulting Team is here to be a guide for business owners to adopt and implement these plans.

Owning a small business can be taxing when you are in the best of health, and even more difficult to navigate when you are not. How would your business be affected in the event that you become disabled? Disability Insurance for business owners is an important part of your overall financial picture, and we are here to provide business owners with the ease of mind knowing their business will be supported by this insurance, if the time comes.

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