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10 Reasons to Roll Into Your Employer’s Retirement Plan

Do you have retirement assets held with a previous employer? What to do with those assets can be a difficult decision, with many options available. This quarterly education piece describes the top ten reasons for consolidating into your current employer’s retirement plan versus an Individual Retirement Account. 10 Reasons to Roll Into Your Employer’s Plan

401(k) Tips to Follow a Turbulent Market

Volatile markets can make you wonder if you’re on track to meet your retirement goals. Don’t be discouraged, and most of all, don’t panic. Instead, be proactive! Click on the article below to find tips to take in both up and down markets. Tips to Follow a Turbulent Market

Blackhawk SHRM Event Presentation

John Friar was invited to present the role of 401(k)’s within Total Compensation at the Janesville-Beloit Blackhawk SHRM event. John was invited to present along with Patrick Kelley, Alissa Martin, and Mary Jo Spiekerman, by one of our business partners, Hausmann-Johnson Insurance. Each of the presenters has a vast knowledge in each area that makes up Total Compensation and has…

Why Listing A Trust As A Beneficiary On Your 401(k) May Not Be A Good Idea [WHITEPAPER]

When designating a beneficiary on your 401(k), you are legally allowed to use a trust, but is it a wise move? Because both 401(k)s and IRAs will automatically bypass the process on probate and even the lawyers involved, a trust could unnecessarily complicate the entire situation. If there is a beneficiary form, there is no need for a trust to…

401(k) Communication & Enrollment Strategies: Are We Just Yelling or Actually Getting Results? [SLIDESHOW]

401(k) Communication and Enrollment Strategies from Park Capital Management

Retirement Readiness: How You Can Help your Employees

Retirement readiness may be one of the most talked about concepts in the retirement plan industry over the past few years, yet many employees are not taking action.  So why is this concept, which we define as the degree to which a participant is on target for meeting and maintaining income goals throughout retirement, so important?  Simply put, we know…

Common Fiduciary Shortfalls To Avoid

With all of the recent news about fiduciary liability stemming from the Supreme Court’s decision on Tibble vs. Edison International, it seemed prudent to discuss some of the common areas that plan fiduciaries need help with the most.  Fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities is essential, as errors can have serious consequences for both the organization and the individual fiduciaries themselves. Not knowing…

Is Your Company Sponsored Retirement Plan Keeping Up?

More and more employees are turning to their company sponsored retirement plan as their primary source for retirement planning needs.  Below are some leading edge ideas that retirement plan sponsors will be looking at implementing in 2015 in order to help create positive participant retirement outcomes. Stretch the employer match – This is a low cost/no cost way for employers…

The New Rules of Retirement Planning [SLIDESHOW]

New Rules of Retirement Planning from Park Capital Management

How to Develop an Investment Strategy That Can Help Participants Stay On Track During Uncertain Times

During volatile times, many investors get spooked and begin to question their investment strategies. The thing to realize is that market volatility is inevitable. It’s the nature of the markets to move up and down over the short-term. Trying to time the market over the short-term is extremely difficult proposition and generally not a winning strategy.  With the recent volatility…

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